Your job is to create impactful solutions. Our job is to amplify them.

Trusted by mission-driven founders and tech marketing leaders:

Growing your business is hard.

You've created a valuable solution to a genuine problem. But you're smart enough to know you can't just "build it, and they'll come".

Your customers - and potential customers - are bombarded with marketing messages every day.

So they're experts in tuning out the irrelevant.

Tech and marketing trends change like the wind. Humans don't.

Here's the secret: Your most impactful marketing ideas live inside your customers' heads

From understanding your customer's jobs to be done. To the the science behind their decision making. And the natural language people use to talk about the problems you solve.

When you understand your core customers better than anyone else. You can stop trying to speak to everyone. And start creating meaningful connections with the people who matter most.

That's how you make it easy for the right people to choose you.

And that's the secret to sustainable, purposeful growth.

See how we roll...

We exist to help conscious businesses grow. And that starts with us.


Inclusive by design

Inclusion is central to our work - and our own business. We're always learning, listening and improving. We're also Tech Talent Charter signatories, contributing to a best practice playbook for inclusivity.


Powered by renewable energy

This website runs on 100% renewable energy. And the websites we build for customers run on renewable energy too.


Climate contributions

We donate 1% of revenue to projects removing CO₂ from the atmosphere with Stripe Climate. And contribute to climate projects with Ecologi.



Greenwashing ain't the way. We're committed to pushing back when we see it. We aim to help our customers articulate the trade-offs involved when it comes to better ways of doing things.


Ethical Banking

We bank with Metro. And switching to Triodos Bank is on our to-do list.

Hi, I'm Kayleigh

Founder of Lovelace Digital

I use my Psychology degree and nine years in sales, tech and culture - to help founders and tech marketers get results.

I launched Lovelace Digital on international Women's Day in 2019. With a goal to help good business win.

Since then, we've worked with global SaaS brands like LinkedIn and Vimeo. And dozens of start-ups making a positive impact on society.

Our partners are building innovative solutions to fight homelessness, climate change and gender inequality.

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Doing work we love with people we love


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Creative Director


Lead Developer

"Our results within a couple of weeks were astonishing"

The team at Lovelace Digital are fabulous to work with, friendly, very creative and savvy. Their knowledge is vast, and they are fully committed to our brand.

Our results within a couple of weeks were astonishing. Online sales trebled and traffic to the website quadrupled.

We can’t recommend them enough if you want to launch or enhance your business.

- Helen Burgess, Founder @ Fferal